How to Avoid Office Related Injuries

Office related injuries are surprisingly as common as industrial related injuries, although they may be more related to strain and repetitive motion instead of accidents. However, even minor injuries can still have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to work comfortably and efficiently. Here are three ways you can avoid office related injuries in your workplace.


1. Keep the Office Clutter Free

If your office is cluttered with boxes, papers and file cabinets, it could be a hazard. Stacked boxes can easily be tripped over, causing falls and subsequent injuries. In order to minimize the risk of injuries, keep your work space and the office as clutter free as possible. If boxes or files need to be stacked, make sure to place them in a corner or up against the wall somewhere out of the way.


2. Get Adjustable Equipment

Ensuring that you are using adjustable equipment is key to avoiding repetitive motion injuries. Since equipment users are of different heights, weights, etc., having office chairs and monitors that can be adjusted to suit each individual user can go a long way to improving comfort and reducing injury.


Adjustable chairs, desks, and monitors can be extremely helpful in making your work space comfortable. Consider a mobile workstation if you use a laptop that allows you to adjust not only the height of your computer, but also your location.


3. Keep Feet On the Floor

Surprisingly, something as simple as keeping your feet on the floor can reduce strain and injury related to poor ergonomics. Even the highest quality ergonomic chairs won’t work if a worker’s feet aren’t on the floor. This is partly why adjustable equipment is so important. For example, a shorter person may have to raise their chair several inches in order to be able to reach the keyboard comfortably, causing their feet to dangle above the floor instead of resting flat on it. That same person would have to reach in an unnatural way to use the keyboard if they lowered their chair enough to place their feet flat on the floor.


Post a note in your work space to remind you to keep your feet on the floor as much as possible throughout your work day.


What to Do When an Injury Occurs

If, despite your best efforts, you’ve been injured at your office, it’s crucial to report your injury to your employer as soon as possible by filling out a report. Even if the injury is a repetitive motion injury and developed over time, you’ll need to file formal documentation with your supervisor.


Contacting a skilled California office injury attorney is the next step, to ensure your rights are being represented at all stages of your case. At the Law Office of Michael J. Holmes, we have the skills and experience to assist you with obtaining compensation for office related injuries. Contact us today at (714) 667-6844. We will guide you through each step of the workers’ compensation process in order to ensure you receive the maximum benefits that are available to you.

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