Death Benefits

Thousands of workers are injured on the job every day across the United States. Many on the job injuries are negligible, such as minor cuts, bruises or sprains. However, some on the job injuries are severe and result in the death of the worker. When a person receives such an injury, he or she may require extensive medical care, hospitalization and surgery in an effort to save their life. The costs for such medical care are astronomical, and most families cannot afford both the medical expenses and funeral costs that come with a fatal on the job injury. In fact, many families cannot afford either.

Death benefits are designed to cover the medical and funeral costs of a person being fatally injured on the job but often, employers do not want you to file a death benefits claim. They will often try to make the fatal injury look like it was the fault of your loved one, or try to get you to file a claim with your private insurance.

The Workers Compensation Attorney knows the tactics that employers often use to try to get out of paying out death benefits. We can help you assert your rights under the law and obtain the compensation you need for medical and funeral costs, without paying for them yourself or filing it with your private insurance.

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