Gardner Trucking Work Injury

Gardner Trucking claims to be “one of the largest West-coast based” trucking companies in North-America. According to Gardner Trucking, one of its greatest “attributes” is its “family atmosphere that has been essential in creating the trust and long-term commitments that exist between Gardner Trucking, Inc. its customers and its employees.”


Without a doubt, many people in and around Orange County have enjoyed working for Gardner Trucking. They have found it to be a joy getting up each day and performing their work duties – without incident.

Unfortunately, for others, working for Gardner Trucking may have resulted in devastating work injuries. Regardless of whether work injuries develop as a result of repetitive work associated with difficult working conditions, or a specific work accident resulting injury or death, if you were injured while working for Gardner Trucking, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can ensure you and your family are protected.


Gardner Trucking Work Injury

Regardless of whether you, or a family member, are injured while working in a local Gardner Trucking facility, or while driving a truck inside or outside of Orange County, you may have rights under California Workers’ Compensation laws.


In some cases, trucking companies try to tell injured workers that they are not covered by workers’ compensation laws in Orange County and throughout the State of California, as they are “independent contractors.” What you need to know is that just because a company calls an employee an “independent contractor,” it does not mean the injured worker is really an independent contractor.

If you or a loved one is involved in an accident while working for Gardner Trucking, regardless of where the injuries occurred, it’s important for you to partner with an experienced work injury attorney who will aggressively represent you.


Injuries suffered in trucking related accidents can be devastating. Because of employee’s physical exposure, trucking accidents can result in catastrophic injury and in some cases even death. The Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney will pursue your legal rights – regardless of whether they are financial compensation, medical expenses, housing, nursing, or any other need as permitted by law.


If you were injured while working for Gardner Trucking in Orange County, or in the surrounding area, I urge you to contact the Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney for help. I am available at (714) 202-0238. For your convenience, evening and weekend appointments may be available.


The Orange County Workers’ Compensation Attorney, serves injured Gardner Trucking workers in Orange County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County, in many cases, even if you were injured in another location.

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