Hearing Loss

In Orange County, and the surrounding area, occupational hearing loss is something that occurs in many job fields, but diagnosing whether or not hearing loss is truly attributable to the working conditions or not can be quite difficult.

Not only is extensive audiometric testing required to prove that the hearing loss actually exists and to rate the extent of the hearing loss, the worker’s job conditions must be fully investigated to prove that there is an “on the job” cause for the hearing loss. The worker’s health must also be thoroughly evaluated to rule out any medical conditions that may be fully or partially responsible for the hearing loss as well.

This process can be complex and difficult to understand. Your employer will likely do everything possible to argue that your hearing loss was not caused by your working conditions so he or she does not have to pay workers’ compensation benefits.

The Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney, conveniently located in the Santa Ana area, we can assist you throughout the testing process and provide you with the legal representation you need to assert your right to workers’ compensation benefits under the law.

Regardless of whether you come to our office in Orange County, or if we go to you, we will review the evidence in your case and ensure that you receive the funds you need to cover your injuries should your hearing loss in fact be caused by your work environment.

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