Help With Filing a California Workers’ Compensation Claim

Being injured at work is scary, especially if your injuries are quite severe. In some cases, you may be knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital before you realize what is happening. Once you receive the medical care you need and your condition is stabilized, there are some questions that need to be answered. Will you be filing a workers’ compensation claim? How do you get started?


Yes, You’ll Need to File a Claim

Anytime you are injured at work, you need to fill out an accident report. You don’t have to file for workers’ compensation, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t. Your employer has workers’ compensation specifically for instances like this, and it’s important you take advantage of the benefits that are available to you. Don’t wait to file your accident report or to put in the paperwork for workers’ compensation. As soon as you are physically able, it’s critical that you get started.


Gather As Much Evidence As Possible

Evidence is crucial in your workers’ compensation case, and this is especially true if you wish to pursue a personal injury case as well. You’ll need evidence of what happened, including witness testimonies or even video footage if it’s available. Also gather copies of your medical records, and ensure they match up to what you reported in the initial accident claim. You may need assistance with gathering evidence, especially when employers are hesitant or unwilling to provide employees with security footage or contact information for co-workers who may have witnessed the accident.


Contact a Skilled California Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Although many people file for workers’ compensation without the help of an attorney, it’s not always in the best interest of the injured party to do so. When employers are unwilling to provide assistance, or the case is challenged in any way, legal problems can arise. In cases where the victim of the accident was critically injured and may be out of work for a significant period of time, or in cases where the victim was permanently disabled, the case can become even more complex.


By working with a seasoned California workers’ compensation lawyer, you can give your case the best chance for success. Your attorney can contact your employer and your doctors for records on your behalf, and can work directly with insurance companies and other involved parties so you can focus on healing from your injuries and getting back on your feet.


Your attorney can also inform you if you could benefit from pursuing a personal injury claim in addition to workers’ compensation, and can provide you the guidance you need to get you through this difficult time as smoothly as possible.


At the Law Office of Michael J. Holmes, we understand how difficult life can be following a work related injury. We can help you file for workers’ compensation and get the funds you need for medical care and lost wages after an on the job accident. Contact us today at (714) 667-6844 for a consultation to discuss your case.

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