Kaiser Permanente Work Injury or Illness Attorney

Kaiser Permanente Work Related Injury or Illness


Kaiser Permanente Hospitals can be some of the most hazardous workplaces in the California, and throughout the United States.


According to the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA), based on 2011 statistics, hospitals average nearly 7 work related injuries and/or illnesses for every 100 full time employees. This number is nearly twice the average rate of other private employers.


A major contributor to Kaiser Permanente Hospital work injuries (also referred to workers’ compensation cases) can be caused by the fact that many Kaiser workers are regularly lifting patients who have limited mobility; Kaiser Permanente employees are often responsible for injecting patients with needles, and therefore risk exposure to various illnesses; Kaiser employees are sometimes exposed to violent patients; and the working conditions at some Kaiser Permanente Hospitals can be very stressful – often due to the the long work hours or the supervisor that creates an unnecessarily difficult work environment.


As mentioned above, unique to hospital workers is the fact that the worker can be more likely to become exposed to various work related illness than those workers not within a hospital setting such as Kaiser Permanente.  Unfortunately, many injured workers are unaware that these work related illnesses can be the basis for a workers’ compensation claim…in many cases making the employee eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.


What to Do When You’ve Been Injured at Kaiser Permanente


If you have been injured while working at Kaiser Permanente, you are likely trying to figure out what you should do at this point.


Knowing what you are entitled, obtaining temporary benefits; and finding a doctor that will provide medical care are all issues that an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you with.


The Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney has extensive experience fighting for clients injured while working at Kaiser Permanente.


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