Areas of practice

Spinal Cord Injuries

Many jobs in Santa Ana, and the surrounding areas in Orange County, are hard on a person’s back

Head & Brain Injury

Head and brain injuries are some of the most severe types of injuries a person can experience.

Hearing Loss

In Orange County, and the surrounding area, occupational hearing loss is something that occurs in many job fields

Burn Injuries

Many workers have an increased risk of on the job burn injuries, including food service workers

Motion Injuries

Any job that requires a person to stay in the same position for an extended period of time or perform the same task

Carpal Tunnel Injury

Carpal tunnel injuries are repetitive motion injuries that people in certain professions

Mental Stress

Many jobs are stressful, however, there are some professions that are significantly more so than others. Other professions go beyond stress

Sports Injuries

Playing a sport professionally can be very rewarding – but it can also be very dangerous. Professional athletes are at a significantly

Neck Injuries

On the job neck injuries are common, but they can be exceptionally painful. Whether a neck injury result

Back Injuries

Back injuries are one of the most common injuries sustained on the job. There are many different causes for back injuries

Joint Injuries

Many workers in Orange County sustain joint injuries while performing on the job duties. Joints are exceptionally

Amputation Injuries

An amputation injury is a serious injury that ends in the loss of a limb such as a toe, a finger or even an arm or a leg.

Death Benefits

Thousands of workers are injured on the job every day across the United States. Many on the job injuries

Electrocution Cases

Employees that work with electrical currents as a part of their job responsibilities are at an exceptionally high risk for electrocution.


Lifting injuries happen frequently in a variety of professional situations and can be both minor and sever


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