Work Injury Causing Back Pain?

When Work Becomes a Pain in The Back


I receive several telephone calls each week in my Santa Ana Workers’ Compensation Law Office, asking for help related to a back injury that is causing pain while working.


Regardless of whether the back injury and pain stems from a specific injury at work in Santa Ana or another surrounding community, or from working over a period of time (referred to as a cumulative trauma), back injury and back pain can prevent people from not only working, it can also prevent people from enjoying their daily lives.


What you experience a back injury, or when you are experiencing back pain, can often determine if/when you will be able to return to a normal pain free life.


For many people that have sustained a back injury and are now suffering from the related back pain, they are often afraid to notify the employer of the back pain, and they try to keep working and suffer through the pain.


For these people, the pain often gets worse as time passes, ultimately preventing the worker from performing their normal job duties. When this happens, the employer often takes disciplinary action, ranging from termination to “write ups.” When this happens, the back injury and back pain are typically compounded by the added stress of workplace performance issues.


Some people that have experienced a work place back injury, or work related back pain, are made to feel guilty, after they notify their employers of the pain and ask for help.


Regardless of what group you are in, if you experienced a work related back injury in Santa Ana, or you are suffering from back pain at work in Santa Ana or the the surrounding community, you have rights!


Your employer may not tell you that you may have a legal right to temporary disability benefits, medical care, and other services, without ANY discipline for asking for help.


I have found, over the past 16 years, the best way to protect yourself, obtain all of the benefits that you are legally entitled to, without added stress, is to speak with a Santa Ana Workers’ Compensation lawyer immediately after you realize you are suffering from medical issues.


An experienced Santa Ana workers’ compensation attorney can not only get you the temporary disability benefits (money) that you are entitled to, your workers’ compensation attorney can also help you get the medical care you are entitled to, and can represent you in a way that better ensures your employer will not try to break the law by discriminating against you based on your medical condition/disability related to your back injury.


Michael J. Holmes is a Santa Ana Workers’ Compensation Lawyer attorney with his main law office at 505 N. Tustin Avenue, Suite 103, Santa Ana, CA 92705. He can be reached at (714) 202-0217, or via email at

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